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How to support your team in everyday activities?

The strength, competitiveness, and efficiency of every company is built on its employees.

And when do your employees work most efficiently?

Most likely, when they cooperate with each other and they can exchange information during daily challenges. But how to ensure cooperation between the people who work in different places and fulfil different yet interconnected tasks?

Good communication is the key.

First example:

because of good communication solutions, Anne, who works at the customer service, informs John, who delivers goods to customers, about Mr Anderson, who is interested in the company’s services. On his way, John should pay Mr Anderson a visit to establish cooperation. How will Mr Anderson rate the services if Anne sends John complete information, attaches a scan of the note from the conversation with Mr Anderson, and plans the fastest route to the potential new customer, and John turns up two hours later after the original call was made? Reliable and professional? With this response time, will Mr Anderson be satisfied and willing to work with the company?

Second example:

Steve answers the phone about an emergency that requires immediate response. He checks which service technician is closest in the area and determines the time necessary to reach the emergency and remove the failure. Next, Steve sends the address and the route to Thomas, who is closest, and gives additional information from the customer and technical details of the damaged machine. Thomas arrives at the given address after 30 minutes and he is fully informed about the issue, so he immediately starts repairs. How is the company’s service going to be rated? Quick and reliable?

Whatever challenges your employees face, ensure proper communication between them and encourage joint problem solving. The investment is relatively low in comparison to the gained benefits. You will improve efficiency, acquire new customers, and gain good reputation. Most importantly, however, you will create a tightly knit team that creates your company.